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Это тест на уровень подготовки по английскому языку из 3 блоков
по 10 вопросов. После прохождения оставьте свои контакты.
Мы проверим тест и сообщим результаты и рекомендации
по дальнейшему изучению английского языка.

Блок 1

  1. My favourite sport tennis.
  2. The doctor told me that I smoke.
  3. She often fish because it's good for her.
  4. What on Saturdays?
  5. Look at Jane! She a red dress today.
  6. When Rome? Last summer or last winter?
  7. London is than New York.
  8. It was a beautiful morning. The sun and it was very warm?
  9. George to work hard but he does now.
  10. Julie to San Francisco three times.

Блок 2

  1. Andrew has been painting 2003.
  2. Rainforests down and the trees are used to make paper.
  3. Daniel works long hours, ?
  4. He cleaned the carpets after he finished his lunch.
  5. My cousin his holidays with us next summer.
  6. Alice won't be able to buy that car she saves some money.
  7. Rachel be in hospital; I just talked to her and she said she was at home.
  8. If you had studied harder, you the entrance exams.
  9. I wish I at Mike; he's not talking to me now.
  10. he is rich, he never spends any money.

Блок 3

  1. Do you remember that film.
  2. It's no use the hedges cut until next month.
  3. Her hair is not Catherine's.
  4. You me!
  5. When I opened the door, there wasn't there.
  6. I live in the city, so I busy traffic.
  7. We must run to the cinema. The film in five minutes.
  8. It"s no use about the exam results. You'll know soon enough.
  9. He was dirty because he in the garden.
  10. The taxi will be here in a couple of minutes. We get ready to go.
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